Commercial Insurance

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Benefits with Commercial Insurance

Owning a commercial insurance not only protects your business, but it demonstrates that you wish to protect your business from adversities, and display that you have your business associates, employees and customers' best interests in mind. It also portrays thats you're serious about continuing the business for a longer duration, reinforcing trust.

Home Insurance
Damage / Loss of Property

Commerical insurance provides you a cover against the damage/loss of your business assets and property

natural hazard icon
Natural Hazards

Commerical insurance helps to minimize the losses incurred during any natural hazards

legal proceding icon
Legal Proceedings

Commerical insurance covers losses inccured during an ongoing legal proceedings against the company

Health Insurance
Employee Health

Protects your employees from health expenses and emergencies. Adds sense of security to your employees.

Car Insurance
Damage by company vehicle

Commerical insurance covers the damage incurred by your company vehicles

Commercial Insurance
Damage / Loss

Provides you security against loss, damage or theft of the company property

Industries Served

Automotive  | Aerospace  |  Transport  | IT & Telecommunication  |  Agriculture  |  Real Estate  |
Education  | Pharmaceuticals  |  F&B  |  Healthcare  | Travel & Hospitality  |  Media & Entertainment  |  Manufacturing & Energy

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