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 What does the Travel Insurance Policy Cover?

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Lost/ Delayed Baggage

Get reimbursement of loss due to delayed baggage, loss or damage of valuables and baggage in transit.

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Loss of Documents/Passport

Get compensation for getting a new passport or the amount needed to retrieve lost documents.

leopardised journey
Jeopardised Journey

Whether you suffer losses due to flight delay ,cancellation or hotel stay extension, get support within 24 hours.

Accidental Death and Flight Accident Coverage icon
Accidental Death and Flight Accident Coverage

If you or a family member are injured or dies in an accident while travelling, the dismemberment policy benefits your beneficiaries.

Emergency Medical expense Coverage icon
Emergency Medical expense Coverage

The travel insurance policy covers costs for Immediate medical assistance, hospitalization expenses in a foreign land, medical evacuation, body repatriation, and ambulance charges.

Financial Emergency Assistance icon
Financial Emergency Assistance

Get emergency cash in case of robbery, theft, or dacoity, pay for 3rd party damage.

Wherever you go, whenever, and however
you plan your travel, we have a travel
insurance plan for you.


Key features of Travel Insurance Policy

Cashless Hospitalisation icon
Cashless Hospitalisation

Simplicity is the key.
Get your insurance with
a few easy steps.

Smooth Claim Process icon
Smooth Claim Process

Get personalised support on claims. Our experts will guide you throughout the claim process.

No Pre-Test icon
No Pre-Test

A direct consultation from ShiftRisk
representative who will guide you in the
the whole process.

Immediate Compensation icon
Immediate Compensation

With over 2 Lacs+ policies sold,
our numbers speak for itself

Easy Extension, Customised plan icon
Easy Extension, Customised plan

ShiftRisk tailors your insurance portfolio
according to your needs

No Hidden Fees icon
No Hidden Fees

No secrets. You’ll receive every minor
detail of the policy that you’re buying.

Many have Shifted their Risk

Rajesh Kumavat
4 star rating

“On my way to the Bahamas via London for an award ceremony, I was robbed in London and lost all valuables and important documents. With no money and help in a foreign land, but I had ShiftRisk team support in my homeland. They helped me and I was sent money from the insurer immediately to cover my financial emergencies, and was able to continue my journey as planned.”

Dheeraj Patel
4.5 star rating

"Just before my trip to Ladakh, my brother suggested that I purchase a travel insurance plan. And that was the best decision I made at the time. I missed my connecting flight from Delhi, due to a delay. I was reimbursed for the loss within 24 hours."

Kriti Patil
5-star rating

"I am so thankful that I purchased this insurance. It really came in handy when I lost my passport during transit while I was travelling to London last summer. The process was smooth, and the agent was very helpful. I would recommend them to anyone looking for travel insurance. They are simply great!"                                             

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Do travel insurance plans have deductibles? What do they mean?

Yes, travel insurance policies have deductibles under most coverage features. Deductibles mean the limit of claim which is not paid by the insurance company. If there is a deductible, claims exceeding the deductible limit would be paid by the insurance provider. The deductible limit can be mentioned as a period of time or as an absolute amount. If it is depicted as a period of time, it means that if the contingency continues beyond the deductible time frame, coverage would be provided. For instance, for baggage delay a deductible of 6 hours is applicable. This means that the baggage delay would be covered only if the delay exceeds 6 hours. In case of absolute deductible amounts, however, claims exceeding the deductible are paid. So, if the deductible limit is USD 1000 and the claim is USD 2000, the policy would pay only USD 1000 while the deductible of USD 1000 would be paid by you.

Do travel insurance have maturity benefits?

No, travel plans do not have a maturity benefit. When the policy expires, the policyholder is not entitled to any receivables.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my single round trip policy ?

Yes, the policy bought online will be cancelled and the amount will be refunded on a pro-rata basis provided no claims have been made subject to a minimum 30 days left for the policy to expire.

Do you cover ambulance charges also in the Multi- Trip Plan?

Yes, we do cover ambulance charges. We also cover all medical evacuation costs

If the insured’s scheduled trip is cancelled due to hospitalisation, will insurance cover the losses?

Claims will be payable for the financial loss incurred by the insured if the scheduled trip is cancelled or interrupted due to hospitalisation* of the insured/immediate family member due to COVID-19

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