Shipping and Delivery : Shift Risk
  • At ShiftRisk, we endeavour to make your insurance purchase effortless and convenient. Our end to end solutions feature, among other things:
    Policy offerings,
    Customizations to your needs, and
    The delivery of your policy documents to your home.
    The delivery of your choice of insurance product purchased via www.shiftrisk.com - remains a domain under the responsibility of the insurance company that you (the customer) purchase your insurance plan from. The delivery times may therefore vary depending on your choice of policy, choice of insurance company, their choice of shipping service, your location, and other unforeseen factors.
    Post the successful purchase of an insurance policy (and realization of premium), the insurance company will courier a hard copy of the policy documents within 15-21 days to your registered communication address. The delivery of the policy documents by the courier service may take another 7-10 working days post collection from the insurance company’s end. Delays may be expected during in cases involving remote locations, weather disturbances, and national or state holidays.
    www.shiftrisk.com or Shift Risk Insurance Brokers Limited, is not liable for any delays in delivery of the policy documents to the customer. Shift Risk Insurance Brokers Limited will coordinate with Insurance Partner for timely delivery, and seek to mitigate any delays that may arise during the delivery process. However, customers are advised to contact the insurance company or courier company for updates on the delivery of their policy documents. Customers with queries on the shipping and delivery of your policy documents are advised to contact team@shiftrisk.com for assistance.